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Their Adventures
Tom's Coleman, TX - Dove Hunt
Smokey's Ranger, Tx - Fishing
Other Adventures
Since Hf3's initial inception, the fun has been ongoing. The original group of five had so much fun that it was decided the group should meet once a year and renew their spirits and sense of brotherhood almost as an annual vacation. Since it's beginning with a hunting trip to Coleman, Tx in 1999, that trip has become a tradition of the group. Discussions were held about the possibility of having a get together at least once more in the year, perhaps something in the Spring. In 2005 , Smokey planned a Spring fishing trip to Ranger, Tx and a spring trip has continued since that time. Each of these gatherings has been an adventure in every sense of the word as the following areas will verify.
One of the things that make these trips an adventure is they each reflect the best and worse of Texas weather. Ranger trip in Spring can range from cool, crisp temperatures to torrential Spring rains. On the other hand, the Fall Coleman trip can be 100+ temperatures and no rain in the last three months. You'll notice the effects of the elements over the course of the years and reflected in the photographs and events of each trip.