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Class 70th Birthday Party
May 17, 2014
Dawn Harrison Harp, Devon Smith, Donna Mathews Boyd , Janice Stephenson Armstrong, Nancy Williams England, Skip Noel, Janet Forrest Tenery, Ann Armstrong Waller, Dell Forrest Andrews, Ron Brown, Larry Stoffregen, Linda McAdams Hall, Loyd McCutchens, Saundra Colleps South, Tommy Griffin, Joe Brown, Deana Wilson Evans, Mary Jane Husted Henry, Dan Henry, Claire Crawford Black, Bill Derden, Sandra Terry Dixson, Steve Fincher, Barbara Wray Springer
But we were in great company!
It was a great party in every sense of the word. The weather was great, Skip and Donna Noels setting was picture perfect, the food was not only delicious but bountiful and above all, a mixture of great friends and spouses.
Let's Look At The Photos!
Photos By Larry
Photos By Linda Mac
Photos By Skip
Photos By Janet
Photos By Jim