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Long Ago and Far, Far Away...
In The Beginning...
Mrs. C.C. Douglas was the teacher.
There was only one class each year.    The school was located at 210 E. University.
Kindergarten - 1949
Left to right:
Back Row: Richard Thompson, Patricia Howard, Dan Morton, Barbara Wray, Jim Bert Richardson, Chip Newton, Larry Epps, Lynn Allen, Bob Morris
Front Row:  Dell Forrest, Rob Jones, Jim Shipley, Donna Matthews, Bob T. Clark, Dickie Vaughn, Skippy Kunkle, Mike Hastings, Penny Terry

Grade School - 1950-1958
1950 is the starting point in education for most members of the Class of '62. At that time, Waxahachie had 3 elementary schools: Bullard Heights, Ferris Ward, and Marvin Elementary. Later, in 1954, a 4th elementary school was added: Northside Elementary and opened for the second semester students in the Spring of 1955. Some members of the class spent half a year at Ferris and half a year at Northside (5th grade only). We all attended Marvin 6th-8th grades.
Here's a collection of class photos from that period:
Here's your opportunity to see how well you really remember all those old classmates from all those OTHER years. Join us now as we look back at some of those grade school class photos that a couple of you have been kind enough to share with us all. Remember how we laughed at our parents when they told us to write the names of our classmates down on the back of the group photos.... well NOW you know why. We'll give you a peek after you've tried to guess the student and teacher's names. Even WE have a few missing names, so if you see a question mark for a name and if you know thename, drop us a note and we'll update our files. If you'd care to share some or all of your grade school photos, please contact us
(webmaster@wh and we'll make the arrangements.
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
A Special "Thank You" to Janice Stephenson, Barbara Wray, and Boyd Thornton for sharing these with us!

Waxhachie High School 1959-1962
As the old saying about buildings goes: "If Only It Could Talk..."
Take a look at each of these books and see a glimpse of the lives of the WHS Class of '62!