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The Waxa Beacon
First off, WELCOME to the official web site of the Waxahachie High School Senior Class of 1962!

If you've been here before, you'll notice there have been a few changes made.  The site originally began as a one page notification site for the class's 40th Reunion. Since then, it kind of grew... Today's count was 5,874 pages of news, information, photos, and music! Hopefully the new site design will make it easier to find your way around and locate anything specific you're looking for.
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Golden Anniversary Reunion
of the Waxahachie High School Class of 1962!!
Reunion  Announcement
2012 Smoke Signals
We'll be posting photos taken of the various activities of the Reunion as soon as we can, so check back frequently!
Check out the following exerts from the Sunday October 21st edition of the Waxahachie Daily Light coverage of events that pertained to our class!
Dedicated To The 1962
Waxahachie Indian Football Team
I know we didn't win many games our senior year but I don't think we EVER had another team score this much against us!
Much More To Come!!!
Keep an eye on all the activities of the reunion HERE