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Anything Texan
Anyone born and/or raised in Texas are, from that day forward , "Texan". That's more than just a title, it's more of a responsibilty or mind-set.  One becomes immediately embodied with"Texan" and it is retained for life, whether you want it to or not. And a true Texan will want it, keep it, and live it It embodies a heritage, a spirit, an attitude, a way of life, a responsibility, a humbleness, an arrogance, and an overwhelming love for God, Country, and each other.

True Texans see the world as:
Some of the Things That Make Texas "TEXAS"
Anyone making fun of our obsession with the size of Texas has obviously not  driven for Dalhart to Brownsville or El Paso to Texarkana. Then they'll understand our request for the 85 mph speed limit.