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Who Made Us Laugh
One of the main ingredents in having a happy and complete life is to have and retain a true sense of humor toward yourself and the world we live in. Through the years, especially those early years, we've had many that shaped our humor. Thankfully, the internet has given us the means of seeing them all once again and perhaps even an in-sight as to why they did. Here's an opportunity to revisit some of those who molded what we find as humorous.

Actually, I can trace back and remember vividly where it all started for me. It's just one of those things that I guess because I was of such an early age it made a terrific impression on me. So much so that almost 64 years later I recall the name of the artist as well as the routine. The wonderful internet let me find out details all these years later and even get a copy of the recording. I heard it on the radio when I was 6 years old. At this age, we were all memorizing nursery rhymes, among them was "Little Bo Peep". Perhaps that's why it stuck to me.

In addtion, it must be mentioned that my Mom was a staunch Sothern Baptist and at that time it was the norm to occassionally go to "Revival Meetings" where very "energetic" ministers toured various towns, set up a large tent with chairs and pulpit, and then would preach the gospel... straight from the Bible. Usually in a "fire and brimstone" sort of way.

One last thing, we were from the rural village of Ike, Texas...just outside of Waxahachie. My Mom and Grandmoms made their own soap, which was used for everything... washing clothing, bodies, and dishes. In days gone by, lye soap was a homemaker’s ultimate all-purpose cleanser. From clothes and stains to dirty dishes and floors - even to poison ivy and bug bites - lye soap was the answer for the family’s daily cleaning needs.
Usually made with leftover cooking fats and lye made from wood ashes…townspeople would gather on soap-making days, preparing large batches together. Something I remember even at age 6.

Put ALL of this together, make a parody and song of it and you can call it: "It's In The Book". It is a recorded comic monologue, partly sung, partly an exhortation in the manner of a revivalist preacher on the subject of Little Bo-Peep. It was marketed as a pop song and made the Billboard chart in 1952, reaching number one. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc.[1]
It was written by Johnny Standley and Art Thorsen  and released by Standley on the Capitol label.
The recording can be heard in the background in the final scene of the 1971 film, The Last Picture Show.
Thanks to the internet, not only was I able to find the recording but a video of Stanley actually performing it in front of a life audience.
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Johnny Standley - "It's In The Book"
Welll... it WAS funny when I was 6. OR... maybe it just didn't take much to humor someone in Ike, Texas.
Now let's take a stroll back in time to see and hear some of the all time greats that I'm sure even you will remember.