Waxahachie /ˌwɒksəˈhætʃi/ is the county seat of Ellis County, Texas, United States, and lies just beyond the southern suburbs of Dallas. The population was estimated at 40,000 in 2016.

The first syllable of the name Waxahachie is pronounced "wahks" or "woks", not "waks" as is the case with the similarly named Waxahatchee Creek in Alabama and the music group Waxahatchee. It is not the name of an "Indian tribe" as is sometimes assumed. Some sources state that the name means "cow" or "buffalo" in an unspecified Native American language.[6] One possible Native American origin is the Alabama language, originally spoken in the area of Alabama around Waxahatchee Creek by the Alabama-Coushatta people, who had migrated by the 1850s to eastern Texas. In the Alabama language, waakasi hachi means "calf's tail" (the Alabama word waaka being a loan from Spanish vaca).

That there is a Waxahatchee Creek near present-day Shelby, Alabama, suggests that Waxahachie, Texas, shares the same name etymology. Many place names in Texas and Oklahoma have their origins in the Southeastern United States, largely due to migration and/or forced removal of various southeastern Indian tribes. The area in central Alabama that includes Waxahatchee Creek was for hundreds of years the home of the Upper Creek moiety of the Muscogee Creek Nation. Again, this would suggest a Muscogee Creek language origin of Waxahachie. "Waxahachie" therefore may be an anglicized pronunciation of the Muscogee compound word Wakvhvce from the Muscogee words Wakv (meaning "cow" derived from the Spanish vaca) and the Muscogee word Hvce... meaning "tail"....
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